no flute playing onboad pls

18 Jul

he’d sailed her single handed across the atlantic. But that danish summer , jutlands east coast out of Hou, ye can see Tunø By. with navigation light hoisted. ( a fate acomplished by the simple expediency of five drunken musicians hauling the capt up the flagpole ) The flute player jixed the ship. Storm set in and they circled the island. Finally first landing. When the red ferryboatman shook capts hand and thanked the light he’d followed.

Being sunday, no shops in sight, a kindly island farmer proffered supplies free.


note to self:  to be continued


what was it I was going to say

16 Jul

The other day, me daughter Anne was talking about the atmosphere around the old goods railways station. But I din’t realize she meant the people her generation. Her first after school job at 14yrs was serving beer in the bowling hall. I did pick her up afterwards, the first few nights. But I suppose I was a bad dad as was mine before me.

I was going on and on about a one eyed neighbours ex husbond, whom I’m sure she did’nt even know the exsistence of. He’d gotten cheap cheap apartment there because he worked for the then state railway. Everybody worked for what is now called ‘the public sector’ then. Think if ye hung around long enough, they’d give ye a uniform to wear.

We’d queue-up every week in order to get cash unenployment insurance. The desk pope and shop steward wore both suspenders and belt and always had a crate of beer behind there. Four greenlands would arrive by taxi an curse the fish seller before hanging on the inside metal rails, laughing at the rules and us all pretending we wanted to work.

I could fill a book with over heard conversation there. The employment office itself was futher up the tracks in the light industry warehouse quarter. I could fill another book with the shinanigans there too. But the point I wanted to make was, Well I suppose, it just goes to show, ye can never see the world through other generations eyes



12 Jul

my fingers have eyes,  pluck berry since age twelve.  long finger eyes.. my toes went all the way feeling river bed rock. The cool desert billabong and cock-a-doo bird shyte n blow flys. Why was city matriculated estate agent here !

That night at the campfire

We were all lost souls in Abbo Territory. I sat on the floor and asked the table

Is this constructive distructivism ???

I ask ye

I reached over first floor altan terris, plastic honey bear bowl in one hand. aon the other Rasberry

July 11th 2017


they breed like rats

11 Jul


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7 Jul

Holmstrup bicycle

29 Jun

open stairwells depicted here are now covered in with fire proof material

New year 2010

neighbourhood gets blackened name

slighly silly vehicles suffer

“A number of fires burns up inventary in a neighborhood in western Aarhus. Residents fear that fire may cost human lives, “says the introduction to TV2 East Jutland’s coverage of the violent car fire in Holmstrup, which has had consequences for about 100 residents. Many know Inga Andersen as chairman of the hobby club. Now she is also known as the resident in the apartment over the car fire at night in Holmstrup, where three cars burned out. Inga’s property is spoiled due to smoke and soot damage and can not live in her apartment. Apartment uninhabitable – all broken “It’s awful. It’s almost a shock to come up and see that one’s things are ruined by something that is as meaningless as boys or whatever it may be.

no bicycles died making this photo

on the line

7 Jun

can’t remember, the young pup was giving the mother to five, he’d been hounding her all nightshift. The order had to be filled by monday. we were only getting knock-offs from IBM or some big computer supply. It was maybe the worced job I ever had. and boy can I pick them. They were maybe hysterical from being up all night. I’m no line boss but this was wrong. I did not even think of calling the police, or who ever ye are supposed to call. I just remember they ere all in tatters. They had made the deadline

They clamered around asking me to pick sides into something, I don’t know why. I kind of remember a guy younger than I and hired after me ( I got the job through a self-help) Well there is this anti-psycology thingy, it supposedly started in Aussi in 1956 but that has nothing to do with it. I quite when this guy came into work one day and said he was getting married because now he was on fulltime staff.

The labour laws in Galway 1990 were discusting. I think ye got one weeks compensation for every 100 yrs ye had worked for the company and most company fold on tax day every year. I think our company had changed names 14 times and the owner was only 12 yrs old. Neahh Iam joking. His younger brother was studying metalology, something fine sounding. Quixoxidy, really He wanted to have self filling paint buckets

Some reason I was always pouring out excess paint , out between the boulders back of mini industry zoned area. of course tourist ireland is beautiful green. silicone valley awaits. Sand blasting enamel off of some pig farmers feed trough, I’m sure the air feed in was wired to the exhaust out. It was a test, because I walked off the job before, and I had to be seen to be tortured to get back on line.

Once I got the new tax and social insurance number I was off. Now I was Irish and already had a number but they were changing the ssystem. My landlord threathend to break my legs if i demanded a rent receipt again. I got as far as the tax office door. I don’t know why I did not shop the lot of them

The old man infront of me at the citizens advice bureau was bribing the girl to shave his taxes. It was a semi state institution and he was going to give it half of his reduction. Western healthboard still has my case down the back lane in the bottom drawer.

Having banged the counter and the ould guy stormed out of the office. Really , ye never seen anything like it. I was supposed to slam the door. but the old boy was in tears about that rent allowance. How he over the years had helped his own age group. Now I’m from Dublin, maybe it was my accent, but do I look like some secret service ombudsman.

I’d a sixth sence of burocrats in those days. Cycle to head office, my case files under arm. Storming into immitation open office plan waiting room. They must have phoned him that friday afternoon. He made a big thing, and where did i get that paperwork and why was it an emergency. everything is an emergency in ireland, wwii was The emergency

The ice on the cake, the cherry on top. My two homies, my fellow workmates and roomies both crashed on their new ,not paid for yet motor bikes the same evening 50 miles apart. The english guy was covered by national insurance but I told the Lichenstienien to say he was in europe or EU but they found-out he was not