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Julian Assange

22 Jul


again the doorbell rang

4 Jul

always always, just when ye are sitting on the john. I still after a year, consider myself new in the neighbourhood. Don’t know why I even lock me door at night. Well more to the point, Why are two smiling wiman the same age as me daughter trying to hand me a Jehovas Witness pamphlet on 4th of July in Denmark 2018. I must ask Alex Jones, bet he could find and expanation. It can only be the CIA because the billgates and clinton foundations are not paying thier taxes. or perhaps using the forms to wipe thier arses, ohhh, now i’ve just thought of a use for that phamplet


I arrived in this country in the spring of 1976. Easter week, nobody on the street in the small border town. That summer the ‘murican tourists were flashing thier bicentenial passports, with permission to got to every country in the world except Cuba. My irish passport said I could go everywhere. But I knew mainland UK was out of the question. Having deserted thier military in that land across the border, the then West Germany


The Stassi could torture me, they’d get nothing out of me. ‘ Brockvust und kartoffel salat und nach ein bier bitte.’ hehe, or ‘ ich komt, ich habt nix gesehan, ich gates mit minum godt ‘ Did Hillary clinton actually say on national TV. as secretary for state of the most powerful state ever ” we came, we saw, he died ”  When are we going to have another Nuremburg, when will we end this human war, why are there 500.000.000 indians in my flower pots. When will we send our eggs to china, It is those russians, those russians and… they want to take our garages out of our cars, make us work 18hrs pr. day.


Suddenly it was 1989, young wiman, like those at me door this morning, were sneaking around the iron curtain (with bicentenial french passports ?)to the then westgermany I had deserted. Excedpt the Stassi are everywhere, they are in my newspapers, they are in my TV they are all over my internets. But ye can’t wipe yer arse with a flat screen


30 Jun

Thy summer house june 2018

What is called ‘The Viatnam Era’ Watergate, to me then was nothing. Think I saw a frontpage picture of Spiro Agnew. The american tourist on the train, offered it for me to read, He spoke as if I knew what the hell he was talking about. Why the vice president resigned. I could not care less.
I just happened to joined the British military that autunm, as I turned 18yrs and I remember being sent to the crypto room with a list of office invenatry, Lloyds of london had appearently insured the British Embassy next door to the American Embassy in Saigon, so that was May ’75. The civil service postmen were on strike, so I suppose I was a breaker. I remember a fellow workmate my age, saying his mother was telling all the neighbours on the street proudly, she had a son working in the Ministry Of Defence Whitehall
My Suthern Irish monther told everyone, I was was working in an irish bar in england. A story that came to haunt me when i had to room with a guy who had a huge poster on the back of the door Bobby Sands, the hunger striker on the back of his bedroom door. To this day, I’m convinced me two older sisters were giving me the hint, not tell our mother they were dating married men while working a summer job on Jersey, Channel islands.
I got myself stationed to West Germany and shortly after, deserted to Denmark. I suppose I could have requested ‘political asylum’ but ireland and denmark had just joined the EU and one could transfer ones unemployment insurance and health care benefits as if it was within the british isles, or for danes as if it was within scandinavia.
My three months at 80% average minimum wage, turned out to be less then minimum welfare and they were going to deport me. Like i was some run away kid But for me 21st birthday me landlady , working that summer in the local police station. Presented me with a danish drivers licence without having to pay for driving lessons.
I used that licence later in Australia, were I meet me first Viatnam Vet. One morning a young aboriginal man was dangling his legs off the roof of the highest building in West Australia, Mining company offices. I rushed into the corner, The Vet was barman, asked to use the ‘phone, He said no, let the ‘abbo’ jump

Vis mindre

this night it rained, flashing thunder light, cool

28 May

I’ll start at the end. my raincoat left sholder zip pocket had me keys. our hostess needed a peee, and i can’t find the key to my own appartment. Three bags full of dirty laundry. Whoh is mee


Jenners called during the week, perhaps room in the vehicle.. do ye want a holiday..  I was up all night, even got half packed.. could not really sleep..   She stay in the car when he called in the morning. I remember the last time i saw her and din’t pretend. did not let on. her friend is my friend. it was so long ago


I speak english with Jenners well i just speak english not ‘ kishin englis ‘ more an edge of town double dublinish, i suppose. Gibberish ( Kahil Gibran ) i always think that lebanon had a county cork name. Be that as it may. This got me thinking , again


The last night I was not sure, is the full moon misting the field. 0200 a heavy truck morning to sunday caused a cow to browl for hours. Norwegian passenger airoplane to grande canaria passed jumping jupitor going south. My imaginary friends were watching rifraff (1938) at krons on the internets. Waterfront drama about fisher filleting young girls getting underlife infections, and oldmen Tortilla flat drunk


Tild is maybe spelled wrong beaching town for wired fishing boats. we had flat fish and new potatoes and spinach for evening chow, ( JG one of me invisable friends, said he’d something and red brithish tatties ) whatever that is.

And now to retrackt. The north west of jutland is wind blown godforsaken except at the end of may, weathermen promised three days of a five day forcast clear. And it was, but the sea is cold. On land winds in the morning wafted back out to sea,


The cliff bottom half caves had fresh childrens footprints going the other way, so i knew it was safe. Hostess pocahantas, grand daughter of the area. think i care for local knowledge, local knowlege, local knowlege. No not me

mayday mayday mayday

5 May

the q1uick brown forx jumps over the lazy dog. Tuesday at 1200 claxtons toned. shock-n-ahh I forgot. I forgot here denmark sound headless mearmaids, first wednesday in may. Be that ass it may. Shocked, shochked i tell ye

Never ending candle in the wind, well not so, my altan teresse is big, top shoot of neighbour plant not yet visable above dividing wall making hedge too good neighbours. Stout fence make neighbour good. Caravan of mexican.,

Claxton sound, did immigrant mothers children run for kindergarten cover. Did the birds stop singing in trees. did frogs craok. midday may…

Nothing of the kind or sord, or sort. The large septic tank hoover ck. Once pr. yr. Like the cryptic signs on redstone german city walls, The chimney sweeps come, and inspect auld granny rubbish bins. No they do not. Yee fekkin ‘murincans would beliebe alles

And now to conclude and yet to complete. An auld granny came in from the islands. Her daughter had her daughter ask me to fix the home. The have four circuits in the ceiling, two bats in the belfry and three types of toilets on mainland.


Gen gina

15 Mar

On Tuesday morning, President Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter. In the same tweet, the president announced CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who is a close ally of the Koch brothers, would be nominated to become the new secretary of state. Trump also tapped CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel to head the CIA. Haspel was directly involved in the CIA’s torture program under George W. Bush. She was responsible for running a secret CIA black site in Thailand in 2002 where one prisoner was waterboarded 83 times and tortured in other ways. Both Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel must now face Senate confirmations, but barring any Republican defections, both can be confirmed without any Democratic support. Last year, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights asked German prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for Haspel for her role in the torture program. For more, we speak with Wolfgang Kaleck, founder and general secretary of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.


10 Mar

this is hillarious