what was it I was going to say

16 Jul

The other day, me daughter Anne was talking about the atmosphere around the old goods railways station. But I din’t realize she meant the people her generation. Her first after school job at 14yrs was serving beer in the bowling hall. I did pick her up afterwards, the first few nights. But I suppose I was a bad dad as was mine before me.

I was going on and on about a one eyed neighbours ex husbond, whom I’m sure she did’nt even know the exsistence of. He’d gotten cheap cheap apartment there because he worked for the then state railway. Everybody worked for what is now called ‘the public sector’ then. Think if ye hung around long enough, they’d give ye a uniform to wear.

We’d queue-up every week in order to get cash unenployment insurance. The desk pope and shop steward wore both suspenders and belt and always had a crate of beer behind there. Four greenlands would arrive by taxi an curse the fish seller before hanging on the inside metal rails, laughing at the rules and us all pretending we wanted to work.

I could fill a book with over heard conversation there. The employment office itself was futher up the tracks in the light industry warehouse quarter. I could fill another book with the shinanigans there too. But the point I wanted to make was, Well I suppose, it just goes to show, ye can never see the world through other generations eyes



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