Political moments, personal memories

1 Apr

(music note) Walking back to happyness, woopa oh ahh…  My mothers kitchen transiter was on. Bent over an auld washing machine, well the motor was burned out and heating element defunked. Heating couldruns on city gas stove and biting skid marks out of our dad shorts. She was crying. But she said JFK is dead.

We waited up until we were all half asleep. of course he did n’t come home until the pubs were closed, It must have been friday. I remember the little ones, one eyed teddybear saw the moon landing.

Guy fekked hiself under the commute tube, my seargent said they do that all the time in Hong Kong, jump off top of highrise under the bus they took to school,  when they failed graduation. It was end of april or 1st of May 1975 . I took a signal down to krypto 5 floor under MOD , it was office inventary list for lloyds of london , cc to british embassy siagon south viatnam. The marconi 30 words pr. minute telex is clappering yet.

Meet guys from all over, turned out his scottish accent was from Falklands, they do that all the time. land with a spanish radio transmitter and broadcast. Never amounts to much. Same story felle from Yougoslavia, ‘oh it flairs-up and dies down’ and couple of co-workers from Grenada babble on about Biscob and Gairy.

Fragments and snatches. And now after 20yrs living in same bedsid I give notice to quit and Britexit happens. Well I lost my deposit and got a bill for inventary. Somebody may tell May. Oh I lost heart. I’ll finish for now.



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