7 Sep
now it winter of discount tents

now it winter of discount tents

Søren the excavator , got the thumbs-up, me new steps are anointed by big peter the time keeper

drop kick murphy


Stairwell rubbish-shoots garbage sorting went a bit anti-social, (of course I would never cast the first energy creaving non returnable bottle to the incinerator,haha) We lay-in a pipeline, might save on expensive skips costs. Then again , perhaps it should be directly wired to postboxes.






It all started back yearls ago , a farmer with one access road got fed-up with his upper neighbour dumping on him about how “ye got seven daughters, I only got 40acres, gladly give ye a cow today for yer daughters marry me sons”

Well time passed and Social Democrats won, city went all urbanite


we got wired, we see our neighbours as garbage, we see our neighbours as other. We don’t care. meet and auld friend on the street tell ye his woman of 28yrs standing is dead, ye are deadpan, some auld nonsence phrase






next day the bury




13th septober 1700





One Response to “undergrave”

  1. normankeena 1. April 2017 at 07:05 #

    looking back at this now; Reminds me of first visit to a danish priests’ sons’ canadian mother. She was renting the upstairs of a house on the edge of town. And I catch her looking out the kitchen window across the backyards. ” over there , see that patio… she rarely got to speak english, had what I’d describe a 1950s accent, she came to europe during the german occupation.

    ” that is were the accountant bury his wife, eveybody knew it. Police waited 7yrs…” I lie it was not firstime I meet her. Her son held his birthday 1st May always down on the lawn of townhall. One year we were presented and I remember one of the company insisted she speak danish. he being a foreigner himself, took it for a given that she was local.

    We were burying the cable tv antenne wire. She had just gotten a VCR and was amazed at all the channels and half afraid of the rewind buzzing noise and potential tv licence fine. But one day lightening struck the chimney . And shortly after that she signed herself into hospital.’met af dage’ she passed away.

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