Australian Senate opening day 7th July 2014

8 Jul

for me it was like hearing sports matches score updates (70-76) while trying to work out what the games are. From the start it sounded like there was a scrum for positions. Some cockier felle  got the kings seat ahead of younger softer spoken chap . the latter only got 27 votes, I think. then everyone seemed to split into two teams, either side of the hall with captains, ready to eat each other, sitting to table, front to centre, … and something about 6 cross bencher’s

but this was great, maybe they were doing a first full-dress rehearsal. It kind of reminded me of the time: I signed-up for kayak instructions without a paddle. Somebody wanted to suspend something called standing orders , because the ‘eye’s were not seen to get it, everybody had to be counted. Seems that this suggestion was passed in the negative. Of course this left me wondering, who exactly won the toss-up and which way the wind was blowing in the first half anyway. Next thing I notice is a bundle of notices being relayed one by one to some clerk below the kings seat. They named these documents and promised to give them a reading. Then one of them, it seemed to be a suggestion to repeal a previous one which was still being read. Like ye know, just after ye drop that letter in the post box, ye wish ye could take it back.

think it was about that time, that the whole game was pushed back ten yards. And they start over again with guessing the ‘eye’s and counting the heads and tails. Not sure if the suspension of the suspension suspended suspense

One person would say it is all like that Monty python Socrates match except the sketch been going for years if not for over a century.  Sydney morning herald quoted on ABC says  she sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Why only couple of weeks ago those twin peaks of Chim-erica said pipe it down. Nuf already with the mining tax and the taxing environment. If ye want green jobs , go fix the bucket dear liza , dear lize there is a hole in the ozone dear liza dear liza    











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