Lampedusa etc

7 Oct

Mediterranean sea

Stauning or Chaos

10 Jan


The poster with Denmark’s then Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning is the most famous and most popularly known election poster with the oft-quoted slogan “Stauning – Or Chaos”.

“Stauning” is written with calm and classic text, while “Chaos” is almost graffiti-like thrown out of the poster. It is reported that Hitler had previously used the same wording in Germany, but it has not been possible to verify this.

The election in 1935 ended with a turnout of 46.1 percent. Neither before nor since has the Social Democrats experienced a greater connection. The choice was decidedly Staunings political peak.

It is the first time an election poster presents and personifies the party via the main candidate. It is interesting that in Europe, the leftist and collectivist wing parties, who first uses the “individualized” election posters. The page was just the portrait, the political party and party logo integral elements of Danish election poster.

To Whom it may concern

8 Jan

Waiting for Gardot, gard du nord, gone south.

Sometimes I justapose two memories. One: I’m standing on a footbrige above a motorway between supermarket and residential area. An auld biddy in passing, comments my pensive teen face. ” from here ye can see past the future ”

Two: I’m going into an Amateur Dramatic Society presentation. and I recall the first incident but now forget the play. Jiggle the canyons of me mime, No it’s gone. Too late, never comming back. C’est la vie



Noam Chomsky – Surviving the 21st Century Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky

8 Jan




1 Jan


don’t knoew what I said

10 Nov

closing time, neighbour said, at my door, ‘gi’s a cig’ eyes wide open, accusite, .. luck for me, his door mutter,aproach… lucky for he. Dumping selfie trash my door . she keeps him in short leasch, little better than county home,,,

Projection: jump over were whip-is-less

butts all in hall, my garbage , well my minds made-up

sometimes , some , some of mores is less than sumorium of mass


30 Oct

bunch of kids this evening were singing, (give us candy or we will make trouble) in the past here , this was happen in the daytime upto påske , (all fasting eve)

Kids today’

this is true well in my memory, this is true: I arrived in this land in 1976, and it was Easter, and i stole a sausage. and was ye would have to steal a sausage in hallloween to be forgiven

ahhh I can not say more now

ist November 2016

payday for foundling fathers, the kids, the kids around mall cash payout machine they were fairytailing tic-tak-toe smirk, my smirk, everybody in queue notice moi , charming kids, charming they sing in home speak, and chearleader wafted into local school speak she was the boyscoutleader she said ” my brothers word is ” or ” my older brother can make words true ” ahhh I can’t explain,,,,

then i buy some fresh fish, and wen’t home



29 Sep

aarhus-domkirkewhat is really funny with this evening clip in danish national news, is, that 1000yrs old church spire has a copper/brass bubble atop, and it is said here in town that three men can fit in that , and what is more, i know a kid whoms dad said his dad said he was maintaining church steeple and him and two of his mates did, on their lunchbreak, the tested if three men could be in there. and it is true, welll, It is a true story here in munkstone




soanyway, they said that a child was born, and it had three parents, or was it three head,, well it is a story