it was a storm and darkfully night

9 Sep



Gen gina

15 Mar

On Tuesday morning, President Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter. In the same tweet, the president announced CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who is a close ally of the Koch brothers, would be nominated to become the new secretary of state. Trump also tapped CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel to head the CIA. Haspel was directly involved in the CIA’s torture program under George W. Bush. She was responsible for running a secret CIA black site in Thailand in 2002 where one prisoner was waterboarded 83 times and tortured in other ways. Both Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel must now face Senate confirmations, but barring any Republican defections, both can be confirmed without any Democratic support. Last year, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights asked German prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for Haspel for her role in the torture program. For more, we speak with Wolfgang Kaleck, founder and general secretary of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.


10 Mar

this is hillarious


10 Feb

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7 Feb

The story goes like this, Triangle trade out of liverpool shirt factory, put some cloths on the african natives and sail the lot over to work on the plantations. but they were unfrocked and proven to be a bit bloody mealy mouthed irish. So we sent them to Chicargo to make automobiles to clog-up dust bowl roads to Californian suberbian hosiendian baby boomers who only riot and go all peace love drugs and musak.


Singing, Yeah Yeah Hippy, Hippy Yah

Singing, Ye should never trow yer granny off the bus

Singing, Ye should never trough yer granny of off the buss

What’s the fuff


For she is yer nannies, nanny, and not ye bloody mammy

Ye should never trow yer granny off the bus

Ye should never trow yer granny off the bus

Give her a push


For she is Rosa Parks, an there will be bloody sparks

Boycott the flaming darks, they’re with Rosa Parks

Give it a hush


What are these ‘international trade’ what are these ‘nations’ Trading stock exchange. Immigrants are a problem, old people are a problem bring in the cleaning robots. Ye will have to work until ye are eighty years old if ye expect pension to pay yer rent. Save-up now for yer grandchildrens funerals, borrow at zillion percent now


Nation I gave you my all and now I’m nothing

Nation are you out of yer cotton pickin mind.

Nation, when will you free pte Manning, Nation is she still a he

Nation I don’t like what ye did to uncle Julian after he came over from Australia

Nation I’ve got 7.5 billions in my flower pots, two genders and half a packet of weed

her dads dad was on that post train

31 Dec

she was born to hill farmers, i don’t know, the way she said things left an impression. maybe it was here mums mum. well in australia she felt foreign, me a nobody irishman. she had fiends , i did not. i don’t what know her problems. She liked fast cars, i can’t drive. never could. Ye know that song, the wone where , eye of … ahh i forget, i was driving, i never remember her drivingt



we needed a new windshield in a town. they invite us to miday dinner. it was a nice plane board. they spoke of irish horses. she said nothing. I never knew her there nor here. her dads dad meet her mums mum on a railway night post in france in 1900s splash


what do i know about elastic knicker splash, maurie newzealand, we were lost. 1% back on tourist bonds in bancks, i don’t know, her arse was warm at niight in the tent, I’m not a pervbert. she accuse me of looking at fanny, on the street


I did not, i never,  (well okey maybe once or twice) we stay in a newzealand house, aroun from coffeee house, that lady had bloomers, wow, what can i say. said she lived in 15 lands, she said, we stay in attic. i left a 20$ note, was tthat wrong


Maybe it was, we parted, an the french gwirl went to Kansas, ab i went back to europe

first winter first snow

11 Dec

why do I have to look at a clock to know if the noise is in the building or in me head. Too cold out of bed, too itchy n scratchy in. Heating a whole home in the middle of the night when they had coloured rubbish shoots place was called ‘moonbase alfa’ 40ys ago. I don’t know

Putin on the blitz and yeast making rats make protin. Big Jim Hayworh is in Pensecole talking over state lines to get a pervert elected because somebody got fired but they should have stayed in the house. Felle fell on his sward. Sliped o his punish. UK are leaving either EU or northern ireland or both. Okey  DJ Trump is not Big Jim Hayworth or is he

End of year round-up three members of US congress resigned in one week, their next years budget is just as insane. But this has nothing to do with me here in the little rotten state of Denmark. Okey I remember Putin putting up the price of heating. Well fires in Ukrine one winter. Then they shoot 100 people and suddenly it was not news anymore

What misantropic philantropic charity will it be this year. They say the cidars of lebanon are burning, Turkey is gone to Greece and Saudi Arabia still bombing Yemen, Sanne streams in blood. Mugabwee retired africa…

And I don’t know weather or not to go back to bed, it is 0300

Resistance Chicks

3 Dec

Cincinatti Christians


When either of these sisters say ‘we’  I’m confused , Think it is some ideal christian laissez-faire USA. And ‘them’ is some place that was or could be again a copy of the ‘we’. Confused, read on, oh enlightened and honourable and faithful and ignoble reader.

For verily you never knoweth the day nor the hour – For no man is an island complete unto his/her self, ask not for whom the bells toll, for they told for thee John Donne, ( who ever she is )

Mum’s the offscreen word. a feature of the show also takes part in defining the ‘we’ and ‘them’

” y’all, I just called to tell ye shock jocks, Jeremiah said he seen that scat, the alien scat in back, lower five acres ”

people do send video, purported to tell the viewer about goings ons at home and abroad. Five times looser shoots his woman in the back, grandma’s poison and Sadat of Syria rebels are not declaring independence for Barcelona…

Hordes of marauding muslims, rape pillage and plunder free stuff from government, At home inept, abroad USA should do something about it at the same time as not. or at least give to charity.

“I went down yesterday to the Piraeus, that I might offer up my prayers to the goddess; and because I wanted to see in what way they would celebrate the festival, which was a new thing