it was a storm and darkfully night

9 Sep



first winter first snow

11 Dec

why do I have to look at a clock to know if the noise is in the building or in me head. Too cold out of bed, too itchy n scratchy in. Heating a whole home in the middle of the night when they had coloured rubbish shoots place was called ‘moonbase alfa’ 40ys ago. I don’t know

Putin on the blitz and yeast making rats make protin. Big Jim Hayworh is in Pensecole talking over state lines to get a pervert elected because somebody got fired but they should have stayed in the house. Felle fell on his sward. Sliped o his punish. UK are leaving either EU or northern ireland or both. Okey  DJ Trump is not Big Jim Hayworth or is he

End of year round-up three members of US congress resigned in one week, their next years budget is just as insane. But this has nothing to do with me here in the little rotten state of Denmark. Okey I remember Putin putting up the price of heating. Well fires in Ukrine one winter. Then they shoot 100 people and suddenly it was not news anymore

What misantropic philantropic charity will it be this year. They say the cidars of lebanon are burning, Turkey is gone to Greece and Saudi Arabia still bombing Yemen, Sanne streams in blood. Mugabwee retired africa…

And I don’t know weather or not to go back to bed, it is 0300

Resistance Chicks

3 Dec

Cincinatti Christians


When either of these sisters say ‘we’  I’m confused , Think it is some ideal christian laissez-faire USA. And ‘them’ is some place that was or could be again a copy of the ‘we’. Confused, read on, oh enlightened and honourable and faithful and ignoble reader.

For verily you never knoweth the day nor the hour – For no man is an island complete unto his/her self, ask not for whom the bells toll, for they told for thee John Donne, ( who ever she is )

Mum’s the offscreen word. a feature of the show also takes part in defining the ‘we’ and ‘them’

” y’all, I just called to tell ye shock jocks, Jeremiah said he seen that scat, the alien scat in back, lower five acres ”

people do send video, purported to tell the viewer about goings ons at home and abroad. Five times looser shoots his woman in the back, grandma’s poison and Sadat of Syria rebels are not declaring independence for Barcelona…

Hordes of marauding muslims, rape pillage and plunder free stuff from government, At home inept, abroad USA should do something about it at the same time as not. or at least give to charity.

“I went down yesterday to the Piraeus, that I might offer up my prayers to the goddess; and because I wanted to see in what way they would celebrate the festival, which was a new thing



fake news fake news fake news

26 Nov

Help help I’m being repressed…

It was like that scene on the poster for the filim The Graduate, except we were both in our 40s and I was in job activation. I told the woman at the unemployed center, I felt active enough. The joke in those days was that if ye wan’t to go sick from work, ye had better be fit. Hehe but it was not funny, those six month contracts get really silly after awhile. especially If she is more concerned about the kids then your drinking habbits

She was showing a bit of leg as I went to clean the toilet, which is the last place ye clean before ye leave, actually I should have been more worried about the one armed man. They only sent me instead of one of the 18yr old girls as a warning to him, his place was spotless, he was supposed to sweep his stairwell steps once a month, or was it even three months, that is the usual and there is always some nosey neighbour more than willing to take the whole stairwell. I’mean it is not stassi east germany or anything, why could I not just stay at home and mind me own business. Ye I can see being fat fourty and finished, or divorced sloppy and drunk as me single drinking buddy put it then. So what was I to do, go home and look out the window and listen for the news.

What news. Read all about it read all about it. The middleage gay bar owner only hires middleage local wiman , the clients in the day are over middleage, the street corner looks like it is from the middle ages. The park on the west square has a buildings museum and they have moved the old jazz bar there. Welle the old indian guy would turn in his grave. Better not name names here.

His mum in her old age went to live with the catholic nums and he came out as gay. I’m sure his shrink in the loonny bin had a story to tell the wife that evening, Never met his lover, din’t want to, some auld felle like hiself except a local, no doubt. Is this what it has come to. The sex life of the rich an famous and every politician in between and the economy up shyte street and the world at war. And I’ve got nothing better to do than put off washing my cloths until tomorrow and tormorrow and tomorrow

So that is it, made the grade, got 93% state pension and a good place to live, well apart from the short cut to the local shops is a mudslide this time of year. Me kids are doing okey. My son is broken hearted because visiting student has gone back to her hometown. Me daughter is shacking-up with some spanish felle, can’t trust those foreigners , I know I’m one. Even though my mother was not a tailor in a house in New Orlean

Now I remember waking-up today, I was being harrassed by a drunk in a pup but it was outside the local shop at the mudslide. That and I’d left the TV on all night and the half bottle of vodka nearly empty. Carnac or Karnack on the Luessianna/Texas border, Rossy O Donald,  her chatroom name. She/He was from 1959 or was that some other one. That is shocking, if I’d spent that long chatting face to face, ye’d think I’d remember more.

Cypress trees in the swamp and cajin people , nah yeah,  Navajo code talkers, that was it, that was the subject on the news. Some indians visited the president of america. that was breaking news because he used the word pocahaunts us. I don’t know , maybe he was in NYC at the Macys parade. I’ve never been to Newyork, I’ve no intention of going to Newyork but in me dreams I think I could find me way around anyway.

notice the comment on the artiste Taxi Driver is off topic


norms tub as mexico quakes

20 Sep

the plumbers said they’d be around tomorrow and apply epoxy resin which smells like shyte


15 Sep


Holmstrup 0830 15th Sept 2017

After the eclipse

22 Aug

woke in bed earphones on listening to some old liam chomsky tape, about how trump bombed syria and afghanistan something about the mother of all bombs and gas attack. well maybe that was last year. Then cloths in hand I headed for the bathroom, bumbed me elbow on the neighbours shower cabin wall, took out the rubbish , skact blocked, sprayed perfume behind my hallway door, went to the kitchen, looked like something one should leave in the toilet.

So far so good.

Jumped out of bed convinced last nights typing had made sense. We were watching a filim about 1973 chile made in 2004. apparently it got rave reviews at the time. Half the world away irak was invaded and afghanistan still in flames and arab spring only a twincle on some maurutanian guano coast. Wall street crashed and they are still scratching their heads.

1973 i left home, me dad said ye may as well , nothing here for ye son. I’ve always been hard headed. So I joined the brits, RAF not rød armi fraction, ended up in denmark via london and west germany, with a side step to aussie in the 80s. By the time youcoslavia fell and the hutzi and tutzi finished off the congo wars. The chain had fallen off of my bicycle and with two kids in tow I’d began to count meself lucky I’d out lived jesus

By the time I’d out lived mohamad I was on an early state pension, only 93% mind you so don’t get jelous. We will all be in the same boat when we see old age. Or rather if. Trump is imploding. Rudderless ship of state lost its’ manifest designation. China is rising and those russians, those russians and those damm indians.

In brazilian amzon rainforest an area the size of denmark is slated for bio fuel, while on the mediterainian coast they are fighting off chicargo stock exchange food prices. The poles are melting, the himalain highlands are washing bangladeshi on the road to mandalay. Meanwhile here on sunday it seems like another nice day


knew it by heart then

21 Jul

it was the crewlest thing, wrote 19 pages, and i reply with quotes. i must have been heartlest.

kind of gray november day washes away ….

latice bench contain no gypsy or lady irish author


i was such a bolic….  don’t know…  faded ‘photo dwell tween sheeen rialway trax


it was the most grotesque


heart forgive me


Not the One – Al Stewart |Lyrics|